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We are delighted to have made a positive impact to so many organisations over the years and here you can see the difference our methodology has made to others. Have we left a lasting impression on your business? We would love you to tell us about it, and we’d be keen to share it with others.

Performance Consulting has significantly changed the way we operate in L&D Xerox, but more importantly has positively affected the business impact we actually deliver and the perception of L&D within the business. A new sense of purpose and achievement runs through the team and I will continue prioritising this as a key skill in our team.

We have linked Performance Consulting directly to the impact on the business; we establish the performance objectives with the business, develop and deploy the planned learning and evaluate online. This means we can now link performance growth to learning and directly back to the business challenge. Finally we can clearly show the business how we have a direct impact on their objectives.

Nigel Harrison at Performance Consulting won our Learning & Development Partner of the Year award judged against several criteria. His innovative approach to enabling this key skill into our team, his commitment to provide the right solution even if that means less business to himself, and the impact he has made on our business as a whole and L&D specifically. With experience in clients from different sectors he asks the difficult questions that help us to continually ensure we are moving in the right direction. I do not feel that our transformation of L&D over the last 2 years could have been possible without Nigel as a true partner in the real sense of the word.

Darrell Minards
Head of Learning & Development

Myself and Tony Mok (Asia) have both noticed and highlighted (in discussions with our staff) that people who have attended your workshop have a better sense of how to approach and manage discussions with the business partners they engage with.

This has resulted in the proposal and adoption of robust solutions that are sustainable into the future with benefits (and constraints) understood and agreed by all involved.

The opposite is sometimes true for those who haven’t been trained in this process, where a desire to please and tick all of the boxes can result in setting the wrong level of expectations with customers with the result that short term wins can be offset by longer term misunderstandings and performance issues.

Stephen Chatwin
UKI Manager, Sales & Service

Nigel has been instrumental in building the consulting capability of our learning function enabling us to grow L&D’s contribution to the Ericsson business.

Virtual and face to face learning has developed the skills of our L&D Consultants so in every engagement we partner to grow Company performance.

Peter Sheppard MA FCIPD
Global Head of Learning Excellence

“Of all the training I have completed over the last ten years, the Performance Consulting workshop remains the most memorable, powerful and useful. I use the skills and model daily at work.”




Heidi Walsh (she/her)


Head of Learning & Development