Top tips for effective Performance Consulting 2

It is a while since you attended your skills workshop.  Some parts of the process are deceptively important…

  1. The system diagram is not an org chart

The biggest thing I remind consultants about is to draw a system diagram for every project.  It is to easy to assume that we know the people involved or just to draw a simplistic organisation chart.  All our client’s problems are complex, however hard they try a present them as a simplistic solution “They need training”.  We need to unravel who they is: people always work with others and work for someone and their outputs go somewhere.  Your diagram should:

  • Follow outputs through to real customers
  • Include your client and yourself on the diagram
  • Identify the business sponsor and buying chain that has to authority or sign off any solution
  • Graphically represent where the problems are
  • Engage the customer so they cannot “sit-back”
  • Be your opportunity to build trust and rapport by demonstrating your active listening

So it’s more than just a “who’s involved diagram” or “org chart”.  Have a look at yours, if you are not doing them you are missing out on a powerful part of the performance consulting process.